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About Karen Kajmowicz

Justice for everyone is a lifelong value Karen Kajmowicz embodies each day. She is a woman who projects poise as well as courageous strength. With well over 20 years of experience in the law enforcement industry, Karen has proved herself an unstoppable advocate for equal rights and peacekeeping efforts. Never in her career has Karen stifled voices but created venues through which everyone can be heard and contribute.

In the past, Karen held the position of Crime Prevention Officer and acted as a liaison between her department and the neighborhood associations. After excelling in the role, Karen transitioned to the role of Public Information Officer where she was in charge of drafting statements, press/media releases, and conducted on-air interviews. In 2008 she received an important promotion to Sergeant and to Detective Sergeant of the Narcotics Drug Task Force for the Evansville Police Department.

After retiring from the police force, Karen contemplated a career in education but never lost her passion for criminal justice. Today she has blended her love of both fields by pursuing a degree in law so she can continue to follow her passion from a new angle.

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